AdEdge Magazine Men’s Issue Features Tats Paman

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I was featured in AdEdge Magazine, Men’s Issue 2015 which features guys and their mancaves and lifestyles.

From their website, “AdEdge is the official magazine of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). It is the first-and-only glossy trade magazine representing and serving the entire community of Philippine-based advertisers. It is, considered by many, a valuable source of comprehensive and multidimensional information. It tackles a diverse spectrum of industry issues, from consumer behavior, marketing channels, to media trends.

Here’s the write-up about me:

AdEdge Magazine Features Tats Paman

AdEdge Magazine Feature Page

Sound Engineer, Sound Design Inc.

I grew up in a house where rock music was sacred. I knew my Allman Bros and Beatles before my ABCs. We always had good audio at home and listening to sound was always a holy ritual.

Sound became my hobby and eventually my job. These early experiences made me believe that good sound is essential — that sound allowed a life to be fully felt.

When I moved out a couple of years ago, the first thing I hunted for was a decent audio system. Reeling from the high prices that decent audio systems commanded, I opted to go for vinyl and vintage audio gear, which I now try to collect (as much as my paycheck allows).

Vinyl has a warm, syrupy sound that feels like an ear massage after work.

My room is art gallery white and the main focus is my meager collection. I come here to remind myself that all I really need is a good song to get through anything.

When that needle drops I unplug from everything and the world seems better instantly.

AdEdge Magazine May-August 2015 Cover

AdEdge Magazine May-August 2015 Cover